What We Do

Provide work experience and training opportunities – Having a job and the ability to earn money in adulthood is important and fundamental to a person’s well-being. We recognise that for young people with learning difficulties, the transition from education into the world of work can be challenging. We aim to ‘shine a light’ on the opportunities for young people to enter the world of work, supporting and providing access where possible. We are ambitious with our projects that offer opportunities for members of the wider community to access work experience, alongside children and young people.

Provide opportunities to socialise and make friends – Young people, no matter what their context or situation have a desire to interact, socialise and build friendships, both in and out of the school environment. We aim to foster and promote access to ‘peer’ and ‘friendship’ groups for young people, seeking to remove the barriers that can exist. By providing access to social events we aim to establish a clear route for progression, enhanced well-being and the promotion of self-esteem and feeling valued.

Create activities and learning experiences – Having interests and being able to participate in activities is fundamental to the development of young people. A harsh reality for those with learning difficulties or affected by disability, illness or poverty is that they are restricted to home or school. We aim to provide access to opportunities and experiences that foster independence and enable our young people to participate fully in society

Improve our communities –  we believe that we can improve our communities by providing access to work experience placements offered to young people, offering our volunteering schemes to local residents and by providing even more affordable goods all of which is done through the projects we offer. Our aim is to promote re-use, upcycling and reduce landfill.  

We continue to build on this successful foundation, striving to provide ‘chances’ for the young people we serve – see ‘Our Projects’ for more details