Learning for Life Charity

A growing charity that aims to provide ‘Learning for Life’ opportunities for children and young people with learning difficulties and special educational needs, or who have been affected by illness, disability or poverty

Learning for Life is a small but growing charity formed from a unique partnership between West Lea School and the local community.

Established in 2014 and based in the borough of Enfield, the charity supports children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, or who have been affected by illness or poverty. It provides an alternative setting for education, work experience and social events, and a helping hand into employment.

In January 2020, the charity became a member of the Enterprise Cooperative Trust (ECT), a partnership of likeminded schools and organisations with a collective vision to improve education and life opportunities for local learners.

Our 4 aims

  • To support the education of young people with special needs by providing additional education facilities 
  • To prevent and relieve poverty by providing training and work experience opportunities for young people
  • To provide employment pathways that give unemployed young people a job and a purpose
  • To promote social inclusion


Our two charity shops – Life on the Green and Life in the Town – are bursting with quality donated goods.

Visit us to pick up everyday bargains, gorgeous gifts and upcycled furniture.

By shopping with us you’re helping to bring our vision to life in the local area, benefitting young people and being planet friendly.


We are delighted to share that we’re regenerating a former girls’ charity school in Enfield, which was originally constructed in 1793.

With the help of our project partner, the London Historic Buildings Trust, we will breathe new life into this iconic building so it can once again provide learning, training and employment opportunities for young people in our community. 

The building will be turned into a bijou café, where young people will gain work experience, as well as a meeting space, cinema, and a hub for school activities. The centre will provide opportunities for young people with SEND, or who are unemployed/socially excluded to access work experience and develop key employability skills.