Baking and Barista Projects

The unique character of this project is that we are seeking to bring together the fragmented and fractured communities around Edmonton (Enfield) in a common place that is facilitated by those who are otherwise the most excluded – those disadvantaged by special needs, disability, poverty, long-term unemployment, social and educational exclusion. To prevent social isolation and increase employability and future job prospects, this project runs twice a week at St Aldhelm’s Church in Edmonton, with a trained professional using resources and workbooks which contain a skills pathway. This is an expansion on our previous in-house project.

The objectives are:

  • Develop skills in sectors highlighted by our beneficiaries as areas of work that they would like to gain employment in.
  • To learn barista and baking skills, food hygiene, money management and customer service and produce good quality coffee/baked goods for local members of the community in particular community groups accessing St Aldhelms church and those local to the area.